Hints and Tips for cyclists doing LEJOG / JOGLE

Hints and Tips Whilst the challenge is fresh in my mind I thought I’d write some hints & tips which may be helpful to others who are planning to tackle the LEJOG. The challenge is so much more than the distance … A 100 mile Sportive is a tough challenge and many people, I think, took on the AMR LEJOG as a challenge to string together 9 of these … I probably did that … But … on a one day event you turn up; you have a good view of the conditions bash out 100 miles; eat well then return to your...

How to use a VAR tyre lever on a clincher tyre (stubborn clinchers)

I made this video as a reference for my wife in case she got a puncture whilst riding alone ... maybe of use to others so I have posted it. It covers how to use a VAR tyre lever if you are having trouble getting the tyre back on the rim. These are very useful if you are struggling to get the bead of the tyre back on the rim; some clinchers can be a tight fit and if you have cold hands it can be a struggle. VAR tyre lever is a great design for those stubborn clinchers. Details on the...