My 1984 Pinarello Montello

Below photos are from 2015; updates are:

– 50th Anniversary hubs built to some NOS Campagnolo Omega Rims with 50th decals
– Leather stitched bar tape from VeloBitz
– Pinarello panto’ed plugs
– 50th logoed toestrap buttons
– Pinarello branded Rolls saddle

My 1984 Pinarello Montello – Roadside Photos

Changes from the “studio” photos are:

1) Wheels changed to clinchers; Mavic Open 4 CD Rims on Mavic 500 Hubs. Tubs are too much hassle. Tyres Veloflex Masters and now Challenge Criteriums as they stay cleaner. Still searching for a 50th rear hub, I have a front and the skewers.
2) Authentic 80s tour coke bottles
3) Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Frame Decal Added just by the levers.


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